Why 3 Ply Face Masks and Surgical Masks are Meaningful N95 Mask Alternatives

To reduce the chances of transmission, masks are a critical factor.

As part of a holistic ‘Have it All! The solution involves Social distancing, avoiding messy, closed, close-contact conditions, adequate ventilation, hand washing, sneezing and cough coverage, and more. Masks can be used either to protect healthy people or to avoid further transmission. In places where the virus circulates, masks should wear. If you’re in crowded spaces, where you can not at least 1 meter away from others, and in rooms with low or uncertain ventilation.

Determining the quality of ventilation, which depends on the rate of air shift, recirculation, and fresh air outdoors is not always easy. So, if you have any concerns, actually wearing a mask is better. Before and after using a mask, you should always clean your hands before you touch it when wearing it. You can also preserve your physical distance from others as much as possible when wearing a mask. Wearing a mask does not indicate that you will have direct contact with individuals. If you can’t maintain a physical distance from anyone, you should wear a mask for indoor public spaces such as busy shopping malls, religious buildings, restaurants, schools, and public transport.

N95 Mask Alternatives

N95 masks are a type of protection that protects the person from airborne particles and liquids contaminating the face. The new government warning is for the N95 masks that come with the exhalation valves. N95 masks are worn mainly by healthcare staff and are considered to provide the highest degree of protection against airborne infections but do have limitations. In this pandemic condition, the N95 mask is on demand. Due to high demand, a shortage of N95mask in the market government has suggested the common alternative to N95 masks: Surgical masks, Cloth masks, and Procedural mask. But if you have an n95 mask, then you must wear it.

What’s the Difference Between a Surgical and Procedural Mask and another mask?

Why 3 Ply Face Masks and Surgical Masks are Meaningful N95 Mask Alternatives

Surgical Mask :

A surgical mask is also famous with the name of a medical mask. Surgical masks are mostly worn by health processional while doing any medical treatment not to affect the disease. It blocks the transmission of a pathogen like Bacteria, Virus and other toxins.

Procedural Mask:

The procedural mask is also worn by a medical professional by treating patients or operating. It is a disposable and nonsterile mask, rectangular with two elastic straps in it.

Cloth Mask:

Cloth masks from textiles, mostly made from cotton. It is use when no other mask is not available in the market. When you have nothing, you can use it. It will provide a shield to your face, especially your mouth, to protect you from transmitting the virus.

KN95 mask:

KN95 mask and N95 mask sound similar but are two different masks with different properties. The Chinese government approves the KN95 mask; it meets the standard of china, not the USA. But FDA approved the use of the KN95 mask for general purposes.

Are Surgical Masks Effective Against COVID?

The surgical mask does not initially design this respiratory virus. It is intended for doctors and other medical workers to protect from wound infection, splashes, and operating purposes. It can not use as an effective way to protect from the virus, but it can use as an alternative when you don’t have any other mask. It is not approved by any government that a surgical mask is as effective as an N95 mask.

Concerns Over Reuse the Mask

Why 3 Ply Face Masks and Surgical Masks are Meaningful N95 Mask Alternatives

Nowadays, everyone is concerned about two things: first, which mask is more effective, can we reuse the mask. 

The surgical mask cannot be reuse. It is for one-time usable. 

A cloth mask can be reused when you wash it daily and sundry it.

The procedural mask also cannot use again. It is a disposable mask.

N95 mask initially can not use twice, but after a shortage of mask government states it can not use for more than 9 hours. And if you want to reuse it, keep it in a safe place in a paper bag. and do not touch the inner part of the used mask. Wash your hands before and after wearing the used mask.


The respirators for the N95 filtering facepiece may not provide the expected degree of defense against small virions.

One of the most accepted preventive measures against airborne pathogens and particulates is N95 masks.

Look for one that has high-quality steel tips when buying your Respirator. These are necessary because they will ensure your respiratory mask stays on your face when you’re working. If you use a cheap product, you will find that the tips are detaching from the breathing mask, which means you will need to buy another one to keep your face protected. Now you will tell if the breathing mask you’re wearing is approved or not. Also, you can test at your homes by doing some home remedies. A standard N95 breathing mask is supported by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).

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