Why Choose Nose Reshaping Surgery?

Being the most striking feature of the face and the first area a person notices from a conversational distance, good care and shape maintenance have become crucial. If it accidentally becomes too large or too small, it appears more prominent than the rest of the face features. This disruption in either the size or shape of the Nose creates tremendous psychological stress and low confidence in the individual. Side by, in today’s world of online selfies, where the online presence has become the career path,  the maintenance of a proportionate and defined nose can create a positive body image and increase the self-confidence of a person as well. You can get the problems solved by Rhinoplasty, where the imperfections are transformed into perfections by elevating the facial features and correcting the shape of the nose.

Premium Outcomes of the Surgery

Suppose you have developed an asymmetrical, crooked, bent, and large Nose due to an accident, inherited disorder, or genetic problem. In that case, you can rectify those issues using Nose Reshaping surgery. Another benefit of the surgery is the attractive and appealing look of the Nose through removing the dorsal nasal hump. Nose cartilage is also modified to give the Nose an adjustable face look. Rhinoplasty creates an attractive look on the face thoroughly.

From Where Can You Get the Best Treatment?

You can get the treatment done from any renowned hospital, working with the specialized staff. But, there is the best hospital for Rhinoplasty in Mumbai, named Lilavati hospital, running under the supervision of well-known and experienced Doctor Siddharth Prakash, an alumnus of KEM hospital Mumbai and Harvard Medical School Boston. You can get satisfied with the services provided there.

Major Contraindications of the Nose Reshaping Surgery

Nose Reshaping Surgery or Rhinoplasty is easy to manage and affordable too. But, all surgical procedures require some specific conditions to perform the task and some specific conditions to stay away from the proceeding. Respectively, Rhinoplasty is prohibited for the patient with an unstable state of mind at the time of consultation and the patient with Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) or unrealistic expectations. Moreover, it is not advised to perform with a patient suffering from Obstructive Sleep Apnea and facing comorbidities. An active smoker cannot be a candidate for this surgery, so it is always advised to quit smoking before proceeding.

Measures Advised Before Surgery

Similar to the contraindications and essential measures taken after the surgery, there is a list of measurements that the surgeon should implement before the surgery. Since it’s a sensitive task, so demands high precautions. Generally, the patient should not eat or drink any food item for at least 8 hours before undergoing the Rhinoplasty. He should avoid chewing gum or any tobacco product, specifically cigarettes. If the candidate is a woman, she is advised to remove jewelry or other valuable items and place them at home. The patient should not wear glasses and remove removable teeth before entering the operation room.


You have to follow the abovementioned measures before and after the surgery. Maintaining compliance with the surgeon throughout the proceeding can make the surgery smooth and successful. And suppose you choose the best Rhinoplasty surgeon in Mumbai. In that case, you can enjoy the treatment’s effective outcomes without panicking about the complications later.

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