Why Custom Badges Should Be Included in Your Marketing Toolkit

Are people sick of ads? As a result of the excessive amount of advertising, consumers in the UK are said to be suffering from “ad weariness”; more than half of respondents said they felt “apathetic” towards advertising. Given how pervasive advertising is in people’s daily lives, it’s possible that this is the perfect time to review some components of your marketing strategy. 

While you don’t have to abandon your effective digital strategies, you might want to think about extending your toolset with some branded products, such button badges. Customers were more likely to have a positive association with a company that gave them a promotional item than one that only gave them a digital advertisement, according to the results of one study. 

In this post, we’ll look at a few of the benefits of including personalised badges into your arsenal of marketing resources this year.

  1. Creative, flexible, and long-lasting All Through Time

When you visit Rocket Badge, you’ll constantly hear us say that our business is turning your idea into a reality. The main benefit of using personalised badges is that they can be completely customised (try saying that three times quick). 

Your imagination and creative fervour are the only things that can truly prevent your personalised badges from taking the shape of your desired goal (such as exposure, endorsement, or additional money). 

All of the wood pins badges we sell can be customised if you’d like them to be in any particular shape, size, material, design, type of closure, colour, or finish. You can even customise the box and a complementary backing card if you like.

Additionally, badges can be modified to meet the dynamic needs of various customers. For instance, environmentally friendly products are responsible for more than half of the growth in the market for consumer goods. Environmentally conscious consumers are also willing to pay more for these products. 

To entice your clients who care about the environment, we are happy to offer a new and expanded selection of biodegradable badges and recycled button badges. By doing this, we will be able to profit from this trend while simultaneously helping to protect the environment.

Additionally, we have thirty years of experience in this field, and during that time we have discovered that presents with eye-catching, captivating designs turn into prized collectibles that recipients will handle, flaunt, and wear for years to come. 

Although personalised pens and t-shirts can be effective marketing tools, a gorgeous handmade badge has a special energising quality. 

When compared to other promotional items, this is especially true. Could it be the secret weapon your business uses to keep customers interested?

  1. Walking and Talking Billboards

One of the most fundamental advantages of badges is the way they effectively serve as moving advertisements for the good or service being promoted. Your customers, employees, and supporters will become walking, talking advertisements for your business when they wear badges. 

Your brand or message will have the greatest exposure for the shortest amount of time possible because so many people proudly display the badges they have collected or covet on their jackets, hats, or backpacks.

Another successful method of connecting with the younger generation is through attention-grabbing badges. Many businesses concentrate their marketing efforts on this demographic when creating image-driven campaigns because users under the age of 35 are more likely to be active on photo-sharing platforms like Instagram than users of other generations. 

Keep this in mind when designing your wooden pins badges and thinking of contests centred around your merchandise. For instance, you might host a social media contest where participants submit pictures of themselves creatively wearing your badge. Depending on how many votes they obtained, the competition’s winner might also receive a collection of badges or other rewards.

  1. Show a Small Amount of Appreciation

Bespoke badges are the best way to show thanks for potential customers, VIP clients, or staff because of how inexpensive they are compared to the high worth that many people believe they have. It will be remembered as a deliberate action, which is important given the general decline in interest in marketing, and it may help strengthen future client or business ties. 85 percent of people are more likely to remember a brand if they were given a promotional item, according to a study by Ad Impressions.

Additionally, your token of appreciation can be “gamified” in some fashion. For instance, if you own a café, your regular customers would appreciate the chance to enter a drawing once a month to win a stunning selection of collector button badges with coffee themes. (We found this on Pinterest; a quick search on maker sites will show you how well-liked and inventive badges are right now.) Additionally, it’s conceivable that it will inspire you or give you some fresh ideas.

The fact that people are getting tired of watching the same old commercials does not necessarily mean that they are growing tired of the companies that they love. As a result, now is the perfect time to refresh your toolkit’s marketing tools. 

By implementing innovative and high-quality products, like custom buttons, you can provide your prospects and customers with a strategic and memorable experience this year. This will engage your potential customers and leads in a special and efficient way.

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