Why Do You Need to Think About Pink Diamonds as Your Investment Core?

Do you want to buy the best gift for your girlfriend so that she never rejects your proposal? Are you looking for a unique gift for your mom that your mom would probably not have? Then all you need to buy is the argyle pink diamonds for them. Diamonds are premium and unique stones used for pieces of jewellery. Diamonds are not only for luxurious people, so you have to wear different yet attractive diamond jewellery to stand out in the crowd. They are some rare forms of diamonds usually mined out from the Argyle mine in Australia. And shockingly, only less than 1% of the mine output are pink diamonds.

Pink diamonds, like white diamonds, are created over thousands of years in the kimberlite tubes of volcanoes. Extreme heat and pressure turn the trapped carbon into a diamond-like glass. A pink diamond is prone to even higher temperature, stress, and time, causing the diamond crystals to change into wood grains. The closely packed grains allow only pink light to pass through and sparkle through the diamond. Due to the limited number of pink diamond mines, there are a lot of fake sellers. There are many techniques to find out if you are buying authentic pink diamonds. Check if the diamonds are certified by institutes and run a check about the dealer providing these diamonds to you.

Why should you invest in pink diamonds?

1. Its popularity

Anything scarce will always remain popular until it is casually available. Pink diamonds are also one such rare gem. The pink gem says it all. Its price keeps increasing each year which is one of the good reasons to invest. The pricing of the diamonds depends on the intensity of the pink colour. The pink diamonds with the most intense and pure pink hues are the most precious. Purple, brown, grey, orange, and even brownish-purple are standard secondary colours in pink diamonds. Purplish pink is arguably the most common of these.

Before buying pink diamonds, you need to check the colour description provided. The report can include details on its primary and secondary colours and intensity.

2. Immunity to inflation

Diamonds lose a small amount of value during a market crash. These diamond prices keep increasing even during inflation due to the demand and limited supply. Diamonds are inflation resistant; when compared to other investment options such as real estate, silver, and gold. Experts recommend purchasing diamonds with higher colour intensity and strength to reap the high benefits of your high range investment.

3. Durable

Durability and storage are important factors that any investor looks into. Imagine buying an Argyle pink diamond for your wedding and your granddaughter using it at her wedding; the absolute pride moment. They are durable provided with proper care and maintenance. They are one of the hardest stones. Also, they are easy to store as they are small in size compared to other valuable elements. A small gem is more valuable than your gold choker piece.

4. Quicker return of investment

The Return Of Investment is a value that people use to evaluate the value of your investment. In other words, the quicker you reach your break event point, you can have more profit from your investment. Pink diamonds are rare and sourced from Western Australia. There are no other authentic sources to mine these gems. Experts reveal that there are chances of finding new sources for mining these pink investments, but it can take about ten years to complete its production. The demand and limited availability keep its price at a hike. Thus, the price keeps increasing and investing in these pink gems can guarantee quick ROI.

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