Why does your business need to know about TCPA Compliance ?

To communicate with customers and prospects, text messages are the most excellent option. A staggering 98% of text messages are read or replied to, while email, which tends to be generally ignored or deleted, has an open rate of just 2%. Before sending out promotional or marketing materials, be sure to consider the

Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).

The TCPA’s primary purpose is to protect people from getting nuisance spam calls and texts. Any business that doesn’t follow criteria faces harsh penalties. There’s no reason for firms to worry if they are TCPA compliant. In this piece, we’ll highlight important information concerning the TCPA that your company needs to know about and the actions you can take to prevent your organization from breaking the law with review management system.

Why is it essential to be TCPA compliant?

To comply with the TCPA, firms must explain to consumers why they are sending them marketing and promotional messages. It’s all about trust: delivering exceptional experiences. Following TCPA recommendations, like approaching and talking to people, will help you develop better long-term relationships with clients and potential consumers.

It might also cost you dearly if you don’t comply with TCPA requirements. Keep in mind that it is the corporation’s responsibility to ensure that they are compliant with laws. Every minor infraction may result in a penalty of up to $16,000. Individuals can also get from $500 to $1,500 for each text message or phone call they get. This excludes potential claims your connections might make against you.

What are the requirements for prior express written consent?

Gaining written permission before making calls or sending texts to potential and current consumers (PEWC). Through the use of an Interactions platform like Bird-eye  you can receive Payment-enabled Website Conversions (PEWC) whenever your customers and prospects use the on-site chat service.

TCPA compliance when using the site’s chat feature

To get people interested in your texting list, let customers know how often they will receive texts in store once they’ve signed up.  Text message communication If you get PEWC, tell your contacts how to opt-out at any time, just like you’re doing right now to increase TripAdvisor reviews.

You are invited to join our exceptional email service to be kept informed about news and special offers. Please respond with “YES” to confirm your interest. Please keep in mind that standard data and message fees apply. To opt-out of texts, reply with “STOP” whenever you’re receiving one.

Text message TCPA compliance checklist

These are a few basic guidelines for ensuring your company meets TCPA compliance standards with its text messaging practices.

If you’re sending a text message, include an option for your customers to unsubscribe. Customers usually can go out of their cellphone service plans by texting “STOP.”

Remember your character count limit: A business cannot exceed a limit of 160 characters when they send a text message for marketing or promotional purposes (including spaces and punctuation). You can save time by emailing in cases where you have to send longer messages.

Don’t forget the TCPA’s time limit: According to the TCPA, telephone solicitations, through phone calls or text, are prohibited between 8 am and 9 pm in the local time zone of the person receiving the call  from white label review management software.

Remember which numbers you’ve reassigned: Sending marketing messages to phone numbers that have been reassigned may violate the TCPA. Make sure to monitor the reassigned number database to see if any of your contacts’ numbers have been reassigned.

Prepare your people: Encourage your team members to be knowledgeable about TCPA when talking to clients. They should be aware of TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) rules and regulations if they frequently communicate via text messages or phone calls.

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