Why Full Body Checkups Are so Important

Your health is your biggest valuable asset. Today’s fast pacing world adds more to stress than ever. A healthy balanced diet and daily exercise are a must. However, health may fail despite necessary precautions. Hence, it’s essential to get a full-body checkup done.

Regular health checkups provide early detection and prevention of diseases. Going for doctors’ appointments and clinic checkups separately can be time-consuming.

Therefore, one may opt for the health packages available in most hospitals and clinics. To know more about the benefits of full-body checkups and regular checkups, keep reading.

Importance of Full Body Health Checkup

Detect and prevent diseases at an early stage- A research states that it’s crucial to utilize preventive health checkups. They detect several diseases at an early stage daily. Hence, any delay in diagnosis and treatment can be avoided.

  • Help the body fight back- 

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Full health checkups help to track down appropriate body functioning. Consequently, medical attention can be provided if necessary. Help the body to get treatment and cure. It allows the individual to lead a healthy, long life. Any sudden medical expenses can be prevented too.

  • Age-wise health checkup

Look for health checkup packages suitable for your age range. An individual in his/her 20s or 30s may opt for the next checkup.

Blood pressure, cholesterol, and glucose levels are standard. Dental checkups and cancer checkups are some new additions due to their increased awareness. For men and women, testicle self-checkup and breast self-checkups are available, respectively.

A Pap Smear test for women every two years is required. The individual may get BMI, hip, and waist measurements. For sexually active individuals- Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Infections tests are a must.

Individuals in their 40s check for risk of cardiovascular diseases. Again, assessment of Type 2 Diabetes is essential. Some commonly conducted tests are eye checkups, PSA in men, and mammograms in women.

In the 50s and 60s, health checkups may include bowel cancer screening and osteoporosis. Visual acuity and hearing impairments are also kept in check, if necessary.

Some standard tests undertaken for a complete health checkup are-

  • Blood and urine tests.
  • Vitamin Checkup.
  • Cardiac checkup: Chest X-Ray, ECG & 2D EchoCardiography.
  • Liver Function tests: SGPT, SGOT, Serum Bilirubin.
  • Diabetes tests: Blood Sugar PP and Blood Sugar Fasting.
  • Thyroid Function Tests: TSH, T3, T4.
  • Hepatitis B tests.
  • Sono-mammography & Pap smear.
  • Bone Mineral Densitometry (BMD).
  • CT Coronary Angiography (Heart).
  • CT Screening of Neck Vessels (Carotid).
  • Abdominal Check: Ultrasonography of abdomen & pelvis.
  • Lipid Profile Test.
  • CT Calcium Scoring.
  • Eye Checkup.
  • Total body fat percentage.

Benefits of regular health checkups

The prime reason is to prevent the individual from getting sick. It allows early detection of life-threatening diseases. Close monitoring of current conditions increases the chances of getting cured. The checkups may prevent any sudden, costly medical services.

A good partnership with the doctor makes treatment more efficient. Lastly, one may get exposure to advanced medical technologies.

However, the person must make up their mind for a checkup. A study conducted observed the behavior of older adults towards health checkups. The findings suggested the importance of individual and community approaches for promoting health checkups.

Summing up-

Several hospitals, private or government, offer various health packages. Choose a container that fits the budget. Get involved in living a better life. Grab the opportunity of exceptional treatment and care. Take charge of your betterment and health today. Get a full-body checkup done today.

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