Why Has The Rise Of Bitcoin Stirred Up The Fashion Industry?

Fashion is something more than just a model walking back and forth the runway. It starts with the expression of one’s mood to one’s day with the right outfit, makeup or just a sane sense of style. And the trends keep changing every year. Sometimes, they have skinny jeans and sometimes they want to alter to baggy pants. But we know one thing that never goes out of style, that is investments. To talk further, let’s go with the topic of technology and its advancement. Truly, because of that fashion surely has seen the light of the day in many countries which didn’t even know the meaning of couture in the first place.

It’s influence and expansion

To rightfully explain what we mean, we have to go back to the time when in 2017, when in the fintech world, something new had shown up. Even when it launched in 2009, bitcoin drove to power in 2017 when many businesses and corporations took it up as a payment method. And that got the market into a total frenzy. Just like the world goes gaga with the launch of the latest drop from Fenty Beauty, bitcoin became trendy with the general public and everyone wanted a piece of that action. Now for many people, the online currency was considered to be just like the other “cool things to own”, while others were completely convinced that the currency will become the default payment option.

And since people were already on board with this option, a plethora of ways are now available to pay via bitcoin. The first company that started using bitcoins was Microsoft that allowed customers to buy the Xbox via that payment method. Now an array of casino websites have also gone aboard that idea and therefore made paying with bitcoins the default option. This option is still new in the payment scene but we do see it taking a permanent space in future payment methods. If this is to be explained more thoroughly then we will say that bitcoin is raging like any other trend in the fashion industry. What we mean to say is if you look at the growth of bitcoins in 2017, you will see it isn’t any different than the fast-growing trends in the fashion industry. When an audience at a fashion show looks at models strutting down the runway, they see the designs of the creator of those clothes as the future of outfits. And sure, the market may not accept every trend but almost each of them make their mark and similarly, that can also be said about bitcoins. There are several options you can find on the internet, or you can also look at BitSignal which will carefully make you look at bitcoins from a whole new perspective.

Many thought that bitcoin will replace the usage of currency to pay for commodities. And this thought truly is also the spirit of fashion. A person takes an idea, shows it to the world and waits for the same to sow the seeds of inspiration in the heads of many so that it can be used as motivation for designers for bringing a change. And when we think about fashion, we do talk about the factor of luxury. We can take the example of a New York Fashion Week which literally was themed money. Bitcoins assure people of that luxury and security. Bitcoins are easier to trace and therefore industries know where their materials come from. Some fashion houses are using bitcoins to show how authentic and original the roots of their designs are. Since the industry always had an issue with copyrights, bitcoins help them get that security so that industries and designers don’t keep getting ripped off.


Everyday, more and more people are getting into the technology of blockchain and bitcoins but nobody completely understands how the technology behind it works. A lot of insiders do suggest that it will be used as a default payment method very soon. And what’s more to be said about the impact of bitcoins in the fashion industry? Well those answers lie in the future for us to see.

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