Why Home Tuition is Being Popular in Singapore

Singapore government is very serious about the education system of the country. They spend 20 percent of the annual national budget in the education sector. The education system in Singapore is consistently ranking in the highest levels. Their education is focused on making sure that every student moves through the syllabus thoroughly. The teachers teach them in much more narrow ways but go more in-depth with instructions. A private tutor can play a critical role in achieving the overall success of his students. So, most of the parents look for a private tutor for their child.

Why private tuition is a popular trend in Singapore?

There are many reasons for the popularity of home tuition or private tuition. The reasons are both from the teacher’s side and the student’s side. The benefits of private tuitions attract guardians to have tuitions for their children.

  1. Personalized help: The first reason why the parents are engaging tuition for their child is that they want a tutor who can help their child even in the weakest subjects. A teacher in the school has many students. The teacher needs to concentrate on all the students, so it is challenging to solve everyone’s problem in-class time. All students aren’t the same in the class. The student that is a slow-paced learner and is struggling to follow the course falls behind. A private tutor can help those children with the specific helps they need. To do better in every subject, students need to take private tuition to quickly cover up and understand.
  2. Convenient: Home tuition is suitable. A student can have it in his relaxing time and can have it anywhere. If a student can’t learn in the morning, then he can have it in the evening. Even in the tuition center classes, you can’t have this kind of opportunity. So, parents should contact the best local tuition agency to help a right home tutor who can teach when the student can learn best.
  3. Choice: In school or colleges, a student can’t file an application against a teacher or change him if his method isn’t favorable. But in the case of a home tutor, a student can have a teacher who can teach him in a good pace. At Tutor city agency, you can also request to change the home tutor if his method doesn’t work on the student.
  4. Learn something outside of the syllabus: School teachers follow the syllabus, but a home tutor can teach anything inside or outside the syllabus. A home tutor can provide his students’ unique experiences and views that aren’t sometimes possible in a classroom’s theory book. If one student wants to shine in life, it is essential to expand their horizon by learning more than the syllabus.
  5. Extra child care: It is nothing secret that the parents in Singapore see home tuition as child care. Because the parents remain busy earning the whole day to cover the family expenses, they can pay much attention to their child’s education and care. Also, all parents can’t teach children to bring out the potential. Here comes home tuition. They hire private tutors to assist their child to grow up in the best shape. Private tutors are often experienced and skilled to experiment with children until they identify the strong zone or weak zone. The parents can also stay tension free as they can be sure that their children are in safe hands. They don’t need to tension about grades anymore. This is the prime reason why private tuition is so prevalent in Singapore.

Private tuitions also help the tutors to get better pay, job flexibility, and many more. Many teachers feel insecure in their regular job at school or in their sector. It seems like a win-win situation for both the tutors and students.

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