Why IPhone 14 Pro Max Is The Best Deal For You

Apple’s newest iPhone, the iPhone 14 Pro Max, is a powerful device. It’s features have turned it into the best deal one can get. The device comes with an A16 Bionic chip. It can handle tasks such as video editing and gaming with ease. Here’s a brief preview of this amazing device. This will surely motivate you to look for iphone 14 pro max price in sri lanka.

The Best Display, For Any Phone.

The iPhone 14 Pro Max has many characteristics of its predecessor, the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Display is one such aspect of this phone. Still, there are some minor changes with huge benefits. 

The Trimmer bezel is one of them. The bezel is noticeably smaller around the edge. You can call it an improvement as the display size hasn’t reduced. It is 6.87 inches, just like the last year. 

Features like Haptic Touch and HDR are still there. The pixel density, though, has changed. The display is even sharper now. A small increment in pixel count has increased the pixel density to 460ppi. 

The display has become more usable under the sun as the max brightness has received a buff. Adding 400 nits more to it has increased peak brightness. With a maximum brightness of 1,600 nits (2000 nits at outdoors), this display wins over every other phone on the market.

The android user base has been enjoying the benefit of Always-On display feature (AOD) for quite some time now. Well, Apple has ramp upped the game with the iPhone 14 Pro lineup. They have introduced AOD. 

If you don’t know what AOD is, it is alright. It is a simple technology but works magic. Basic details, such as the time, date, weather, and data from the AOD, are displayed on a portion of the screen. In Android phones, they provide AOD which keeps most of the screen black with just a portion lit up. 

Apple did it a little differently. Their AOD will keep the entire screen alive. The brightness will be deemed down. AOD on the Pro Max should consume very low power thank to the the 1Hz refresh rate enabled by the Display Engine.

Big Phone With Big Battery Life.

For years, phone companies have been amping up the size of the battery in phones. But it is futile as the phone’s size is bound by usability.

Apple has decided to address this puzzle differently. They will ship IPhone 14 Pro Max with 4,323mAh battery. Sounds like suicide, hah? But they focused on A16 chip to solve this problem. With it’s efficiency, the IPhone 14 Pro Max did better in PCMag’s streaming video test.

Better Camera Than Ever Before.

In addition to the stunning design and display, the 14 Pro Max also offers a stunning camera. 

It has three rear cameras this year. This three-camera setup. While making the phone bulky, has improved the overall camera performance. The 48MP main camera is unlike anything. The sensor is 65% bigger than before. 

You can capture anything with sensor-shift optical image stabilization. The main camera produces 12MP final images. ProRaw mode allows you to capture all 48 million pixels. 

The sensor can now capture more light, so night shots will be even better. Ultrawide and telephoto lenses are not a new addition. But they have become faster.

There is an improvement in camera zoom too. 2x zoom from the main camera is not the only attraction. The iPhone 14 Pro Max has more optical zoom options ( 0.5x, 1x, 2x, and 3x). 

Enjoy 5G with iPhone 14 Pro Max.

5G is the next generation of mobile internet. It replaces the current 4G standard, which you might use if you have a smartphone. While 4G was nice for getting some work done, 5G will turn your commute into a real-life episode of Silicon Valley.

Well, the IPhone 14 Pro Max will give you even more, juice with its Qualcomm X65 models. There are also quality of life improvements such as better MIMO performance, and better power efficiency during internet usage.

If you want the taste of a new experience, go and buy this phone. It has turned up everything to the maximum. If you are a fellow Lankan, ISpot is a very good place to check out iphone 14 pro max price in sri lanka. I personally recommend them as they have genuine prices. I don’t know if any other store will give you real Apple care warranty.