Why is Alcohol Addiction so Dangerous?

Addiction is quickly becoming a scourge on our society and the ever-rising number of addicts in our country is on track to become one of the biggest problems in the future. The problem of addiction will continue to grow unless strong action is taken to counteract it. Government should take action against the spread of drugs and work to reduce the number of new addicts and come up with plans to help the existing addicts in returning to society as productive members so that they can help in the improvement of society rather than staying as addicts and becoming a burden on the society. Our society itself is no less responsible for the increase in cases of addiction than the government. We have changed our opinion on drugs to the point that some drugs have become legal. A substance that falls under this category is alcohol. There are a lot of alcoholic drinks and most if not all are legal for people above the age of 21. This essentially means that alcoholic drinks are socially acceptable and this is a very dangerous prospect.

Addiction to alcohol, or any other substance abuse, is a very serious matter. A person’s life can depend on the reaction of those around them. If the friends and family of the addict pick up on the clues and signs of addiction they can stage an intervention and prevent the addict from ruining their life. The best way to do so is to convince the addict to attend a rehab program. It is the best option to ensure that the addicts return from their addiction to their normal selves. Look up options online and get more information. Finding a local option i.e. drug rehab orange county works best due to convenience.

Alcoholic drinks are becoming a common part of the nightlife in our country. Bars and pubs exist in nearly every city block and even the restaurants and hotels often have a bar for drinking customers. This is a far cry from the way Alcohol Treatment in West Palm Beach was treated in our country several years back. Now the only restriction is the minimum drinking age of 21. Even this law is very often overlooked as determined college students and carefree store clerks ensure that even the underage population has a chance of becoming an alcoholic.  People who frequently visit bars or the like are much more likely to drink more than they can handle and end up harming themselves or those around them.

Alcohol being a socially acceptable drink means that people are much more lax in the consumption of alcohol. Most people do not consider it to be as dangerous as other drugs that are banned in the country. This can be true in some cases but the fact that alcohol is legal means that people have much easier access to them than they would have to any other illicit substance. It is very common for people to visit a bar after work or after any sort of social gathering. Alcohol has become such an integral part of social interaction that even if someone does not drink they can get peer pressured into drinking alcohol.

Alcohol addiction is so dangerous because of the fact that alcohol can change the way our brains work. It affects the reward system in our brain so that instead of feeling proud after achieving something an addict feels proud after drinking alcohol. This makes it especially hard to find and leave alcohol addiction. An addict in most cases does not believe that they are addicted to substance abuse. This is further aggravated by alcohol being a socially acceptable drug.

Addiction of any kind is dangerous but addiction to something that people do not view as harmful can often lead to a lifetime of addiction. Knowing why drugs should never become so common that they become a frequent part of your life is an important step to prevent a debilitating addiction.

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