Why Is It Important To Have A Large Instagram Following?

You just took an epic picture, edited it, created an amazing, engaging caption and uploaded it, but no one seems to notice it, and what is worse, your number of followers is the same. But does the size of your audience really matter? And, does it even make a difference when it comes to the bottom-line numbers in your revenue? Here we will tell you. Once you read this article, you will be equipped with important information and be able to understand the role of the different social media metrics, differentiating between key elements, such as Facebook Followers VS Facebook Likes, which can eventually lead to growing the number of followers. Even when the principles shown here are focused on Instagram and work better for this platform, you may use them as a guide for your other social media accounts. So, continue reading and get ready to boost your Instagram.

The role of your audience size on Instagram

Remember that the more information you have about how social media works, the more chances you will have to reach your goals, regardless if you are a business owner or just want to improve the impact of your social media account in your niche. Have you heard about the term ‘authoritativeness’ well, if you have been trying to improve your online performance recently, chances are that you have, as fancy as this word may seem, it just refers to how reliable the information that you post is, and here is when your followers come into play. Not only do you want to have lots of followers, but you also want to make sure that you are making meaningful connections, which can translate into several things. From likes and reactions, to shares, saves and even direct messages come into play, and why does this matter? There are several reasons.

Keep the balance

One of the things that you need to keep in mind when trying to increase the number of followers on Instagram, is that the more authoritative your brand is, the more likely you will be a reliable source of inspiration and information to your followers, helping you tremendously to be recommended and obtain more followers. Besides, you will start receiving e-mails asking for affiliate links, paid and free reviews, custom promos from potential advertisers. We can’t stress this enough: the more you invest in your account, the more benefits you will see, and as you learn, you will be able to implement your strategies more naturally, meaning that it will be easier for you to keep your Instagram account growing.

Bonus to the number of Instagram followers

There are some tricks that no one talks about but are actually very advantageous when it comes to growing your Instagram audience. As the saying goes: the easiest, surest way to become the best version of yourself is by learning from the best, and it also applies to social media accounts and metrics. There are great agencies that can help you grow your audience, either with advice or direct collaboration programs, and if you haven’t tried this option yet, it might be a convenient idea to try out.