Why is it Important to Love Your Spirit and How Can You Do It?

In this tutorial, you will discover all about how to love your spirit. Loving one’s spirit gives you confidence, self-worth and you feel more optimistic in general. You find your true self.  You will be more balanced when you can learn to appreciate yourself and who you truly are.  This in turn, will help each one of us to love and reshape this world.   Accepting the challenges as lessons and being honest with who you are is a great start to love oneself for permanent personal transformation.  Welcome to “Transformational Tantra”, created with love by Divine Celiane.

1. Recognize: You are the world’s most significant individual.

If you learn only one lesson in this life, that’s the following: You’re the most crucial person in your whole universe.

Through your eyes, your whole existence is lived. Your contacts with the world and your neighbors, your ideas, and your interpretation of events, relations, actions, and words.  It is your perception that shapes your reality.  It manifests what you believe.  Your subconscious believe what you perceive to be true smihub.

You could be another individual when it comes to the grand scheme of things, to be accepted in society, but you are the only thing that matters when it comes to your knowledge of reality.  Others move around you, but we guide and drive our own universes in conjunction with the universal connector: love.

Your reality, therefore, relies on how much you love and care for your true spirt. Your relationship with yourself is the key to shaping your of life. The less you love your spirit, the more confused, afraid, and unpleasant your world will be. But as you begin and continue to accept and love yourself more, the more you truly see, the more you use love in everything you do; and everybody you are in contact with, the better you will be.

2. Plan: Loving your spirit begins with your everyday routines and being authentic.

Think about the individuals you love and respect in your life. How are you really treating them? You need to be kind to them, you need to be patient with their ideas, and when they make a mistake, you need to forgive them. Offer them space, time, and opportunity; make sure that they have the space to grow because you love them enough to believe in their growth potential, as you believe in your own. Do you offer yourself the love and respect you can give to your closest friends or others?

Here are all the ways that your body and mind may demonstrate self-love in your daily lives:

  • Get the proper sleep -refresh your mind and body
  • Take care of your health (healthy body, healthy mind, healthy spirit)
  • Meditate and give yourself time and space for your spirituality daily – listen to your spirit, not your script
  • Regular exercise – movement for the body is so important and is scientifically proven to improve balance of mind and spirit.
  • Be thankful for you and everybody around you – Be grateful for the experiences you have, even bad ones, they teach you how to balance this thing called life
  • Incorporate play in your life – laugh at yourself, enjoy being you
  • Avoiding harmful influences and vices – get rid of those things and people that don’t help you on your path towards self-love and understanding.
  • Understand the rules of the universe in which we live so we can balance through it all – it is important to recognize things outside of ourselves that influence our outcomes to learn the lessons we encounter
  • Replace negative thoughts and feelings with right action and love speech

How many of these everyday activities are you actually doing? If not, how can you say that you love your spirit? Loving oneself is more than simply a mental state—it is also a sequence of acts and habits that you implant into your daily life. You have to practice it.

3. Recognize and Allow: Accept the Challenges

Nobody’s perfect. Some of us mix self-love with self-martyrdom and fake positivity and optimism, when in actuality, they are afraid of who they really are. Many don’t understand challenges are brought to us because life wants us to see something our perception is not tuned to; there is something yet to learn to push us forward.   We can’t have good times, all the time.  What would you learn then?

The fact, is that your endless optimism is a massive falsehood if it is rooted in fear. You lie to a part of yourself and ignore the demands of half of who you are. We have all a dark side, we all experience misery, hate, and sorrow at some point in our lives.  At some times, we may feel like no one loves us or no one understands us.   Ignoring these feelings pushes us out of balance spiritually and psychologically. You have to accept all of you and let yourself be honest about who you are. Forgive yourselves for your previous actions against your spirit; for those things of which you are embarrassed about or feel guilt over.

Accept that you occasionally have negative feelings, that you make mistakes and have feelings like contempt or envy, rage or fear. Learn that life is a learning experience and we can move past these feelings.  We can get to that place of peace if you take up the stillness and accept love in your life.

4. Do: Find your heart, listen, open it and accept it.

While step 3 involves recognizing, allowing and accepting challenges, step 4 reconciles the heart to open, listen and allow. Ask yourself just one question: “Do you love yourself completely?” Accept you defects, your flaws, and love your spirit anyway.  Don’t offer excuses, you don’t need to.  Love not only people who may share similar thoughts, feelings, vices, and mistakes, but love those that can give you a different perspective that can help you grow.  This is a greater level of self-love. Compassion.  Compassion cannot be achieved until you truly learn to love you and the only way to get to compassion, is to love yourself.  Discover the narrative of your life. Follow your path from childhood to the person you are now and remember, you can change anything about you that isn’t authentic or doesn’t serve you.

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