Why is Purple Weed Better

It is a sight to behold when one sees a purple-colored weed! Especially if you are not aware that weed can turn purple, or there even exists purple weed strains. People are attracted to something out of the ordinary, like green weed is normal looking and purple is something new. So this leads us to ask why a lot of users claim that purple weed is better than most of the other weeds available?

There are two main reasons why marijuana gets its pigmentation. The first is because of genetics. This means that the purple weed you are now smoking has had a lineage of purple-colored weed. Take for example one of the most famous best purple strains, the Granddaddy Purple (GDP). This is a hybrid from a purple colored strain the Purple Urkle and Big Bud. the result is also a purple-colored strain, the GDP. Secondly, purple pigmentation could be attributed to environmental conditions when this strain was produced. Purple pigments of the strain are enhanced when grown in a much cooler environment. Marijuana strains that have some purple in it have some genetic lineage. They are descendants of the short and stocky indica plants that grew in the colder climate areas of Asia. The Purple Afghani marijuana strain is one example of this.

Before moving on, we would like to present our stand that it is false to say that purple weed strains are better. The effect of weed depends on the strain of the weed, its cannabinoid content, and its terpene profile. Making it purple doesn’t make it much stronger or better. It may look better but it sure will not make it more potent. Those claiming that it is much stronger may have made that claim while under a state of high after smoking that purple weed. You can even find the best online weed dispensary with lots of the best offers.

Effects and Benefits of Purple Weed

There is no common effect experienced from smoking purple weed. Each purple weed has its own characteristic trait. Among the many purple cannabis available in the market, each has its distinct effect in which buyers buy for this certain trait. There is no common benefit that can be attributed to the weed just because it is colored purple.

One smokes weed for certain benefits and effects they long for not just because it is purple it is much better. This is a common misconception many cannabis users are guilty of. Effects and benefits will vary depending on the strain of the weed you use, not it’s color. Any differentiating effect or benefit claimed by some users could just because they are too high with the product.

There have been no scientifically backed evidence that claims so.purple marijuana strains will not give the users something different just because it’s color. As mentioned earlier, t is all about the strain of the weed and its existing cannabinoids and terpene profile.

Certain kinds of marijuana will naturally turn purple if you give it the proper conditions for it to optimally grow and produce that purple strain you are looking for. Leaves and buds will be full of that purpled colored hue. But some strains will not turn purple no matter how hard the grower tries. He could be following the purple myths or just simply make it turn purple but it will not. It is naturally attractive to the consumer to have purple weed, anything different will naturally be more attractive, but there is nothing in purple marijuana strains that any more uniques than a potent green weed. It is a myth to say that purple marijuana is more potent than green marijuana.

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