Why Is Your Sense of Humor Important?

How frequently do you laugh at yourself?

Having a sense of humor is an incredibly important social skill. In today’s article, we are giving you a few reasons why that is the case.

Let’s try to understand why is your sense of humor important.

#1 – You Won’t Be Offended So Often

Having a developed sense of humor can be extremely valuable in many areas of your life. Being able to take a joke or some friendly banter is a part of every functioning friendship, as well as a romantic relationship.

Rather than thinking about things literally and getting truly outraged, having a funny bone can help you deal with such instances in your everyday interactions with other people.

For example, somebody starts teasing you about one of your insecurities in a friendly manner. Instead of entering rage mode, and taking everything to heart, take a step back. Understand that, more likely or not, they meant nothing wrong – they just wanted to connect with you and be funny by telling a stupid joke. Laugh it off and continue with the conversation.

Nonetheless, let’s face it – now and then, jokes come out the incorrect way and wind up seeming like individual assaults. Having a sense of humor helps us not to treat those instances too harshly and have the option to comprehend why the individual said what they did.

It might even empower you to ignore the attack, chuckle along, and slide away from the conversation when the situation allows.

#2 – You Make People Feel Relaxed & Comfortable

Individuals with a sense of humor are so wonderful to be near. Nobody likes sitting next to a grumpy person who is there to ruin their day.

Like we said previously, individuals with an awareness of what’s funny and what isn’t will, more often than not, lead a more enjoyable everyday life than people without a sense of humor.

When you meet somebody who is truly funny, you feel like you’re ready to act naturally around them. That is, for the most part, since you realize that they aren’t going to pass judgment on you. We often feel that funny people can understand our perspective, which makes us “click” with them easier.

A comical inclination is also significant when something abnormal occurs because a funny personality can help you break the ice and calm down an otherwise tense situation.

It’s interesting because you would think that individuals who can joke around many different things would not be delicate in difficult circumstances.

However, the situation is entirely different. Funny people are simply more inclined to exaggerate the humiliating moment and cause you to feel comfortable with it through a quick and witty remark.

#3 – You Can Communicate with New People More Easily

A sense of humor is a remarkable tool on occasions where you meet new people. Of course, those who have it find it easier to make friends and connect with different personalities in various conversations.

Those capable of humor don’t feel like they need to intrigue others – they simply go with the flow and enjoy the atmosphere.

As you develop the humorous side of your personality, you will also start finding out about different types of humor, such as deadpan comedy. Check out this guide to dry humor to learn all you need to know about it.

Understanding different humor types can be incredibly useful when meeting new individuals since everyone is quite different. Knowing how to approach each person and understand what makes them laugh will be the key to communicating with people easier than ever.


Now you know all the reasons that make your sense of humor a crucial part of your personality.

From connecting to new people to establishing deeper relationships with your current friends, being funny is a useful skill to have.

Try to improve your sense of humor, and life will be a lot easier in the future.