Why reviews are important in the catering industry

Reviews are an effective marketing tool to make your company look better and grow. As we know, many factors contribute to the success of catering NYC. Let’s look at one of them, i.e. reviews on the Internet.

The importance of the reviews

It is estimated that 70% of people use online reviews before ordering food from a specific restaurant or a caterer. Thus, opinions online are the most important source of communication, as well as a place to attract new customers for businesses. Whether you run a restaurant, a bakery, or a bar, your online image should be top-notch. The most basic reasons why you should pay closer attention to what people are writing about your business are:

  • To build client’s trust

​​As research and statistics confirm, the vast majority of people, when choosing a product or service, are guided by the opinions of people who have already tested it.

  • To reduce the risk for consumers

If you see a large number of stars and reviews, and at the same time read that delicious, varied, and always fresh food is served in this restaurant – you are definitely more likely to choose such a place, and the risk of being disappointed decreases significantly.

  • To attract new guests

The more stars and reviews, the greater the chance of attracting new customers to your business. People who are reading through the comments about your catering service, are likely to use your offer specifically if they see positive reviews in which customers appreciated you for your quality, reliability, friendliness, and, above all, price.

  • To boost your profits

A customer who has used the services you offer can give a rating by awarding stars and writing a short review. It will be seen by all Internet users. Your company’s online visibility will increase, which will positively affect organic reach, and significantly boost your revenue.

Ways to get more positive reviews

  • Add your business to the main review sites

Show that your company is active on the Internet. A customer feels more motivated to give a positive review if he or she sees that the profile is regularly maintained and updated. Make sure you add your business to Google Maps, TripAdvisor and create a Facebook or Instagram page.

  • Ask for reviews directly (offer incentives)

In addition to a delicious dish and friendly service, many quality caterers try to give something more to themselves. This could be small snacks on the table, baked cookies, or cupcakes, with the bills. If you do someone a kindness, they will feel obligated to reciprocate it. Some waiters draw a smile or a heart on their accounts for a customer, or even write outright, “it will be our pleasure if you add positive feedback.”

  • Reply to all reviews

Every opinion should be answered politely (even if you disagree with it). Timing is of great importance here. Ideally, a response should be made within 1-2 days, although when responding to negative feedback, every minute counts. This gives you the opportunity to get rid of the negative, or even turn it into a favorable opinion.

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