Why Software Engineering is Important

Software engineering is a subdomain of computer science that deals with conceptualizing, designing, and developing software applications. We are all surrounded by various softwares all the time. For example, the number of personal computers crossed the 2 billion mark in 2015, and there are 5.28 billion mobile phones in the world. These computers and mobile phones are functioning with the help of an operating system that is also a software application with lots of functions. There are hundreds of millions of desktop as well as mobile phone apps which are also a piece of software.

Although we think that software engineering is only used in businesses and software industries, it is also used in transportation, electrical grids, nuclear power plants, and other sectors which play an important role in our daily lives. Here, we will discuss why software engineering is important.

Big Factors in Software Engineering

With its qualities like flexibility, extensibility, maintainability, readability, performance, efficiency, scalability, and usability, software engineering plays a crucial role in today’s world. Let’s discuss some of the above points in detail.

Flexibility and Extensibility

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Flexibility and extensibility are the key characteristics of software engineering. It has the flexibility to modify any functionality without damaging the current system, and the extensibility to add or remove any feature without disturbing the current system. You can change a feature according to your need, and this makes the software engineering industry a very important part of human life.

With the help of flexibility and extensibility, software engineering can take your business to new heights. It can help you to promote, and scale your business as it enables your brand to be visible for masses.

Maintainability and Readability

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Maintainability means modifications, error corrections and other small function modifications that don’t include major modifications. Softwares are usually supported with useful interface definitions and code documentation which makes them more maintainable in the case of any error. A well code documentation means better maintenance and better performance.

Maintainability and readability can improve your overall business services by using the right software system. It also helps you to understand the customers’ opinions, and let customers reach out to you easily, and share their opinion about your products and services.

Performance and Efficiency

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Software engineering can improve the performance of any organization. In today’s time, performance is measured by the response time of the softwares, and it should be in acceptable intervals, i.e., maximum a few seconds. Response time should not increase if the transaction count increases, or when the resources are expensive. WIth the help of software engineering, one can make sure of optimum usage of resources.

A right software system can increase the efficiency of your business. It can reduce unproductive time and increase the productivity of your employees, and can help you in direct communication with the clients, thereby ensuring the quality and effectiveness of your product or service.


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With the help of software engineering, you can scale your business and increase the impact of your products or services. An effective scalable software system responds to user actions in a short period of time which is very important for customer satisfaction. For that, you have to add more hardware systems, but the architecture should not change during this process. This is called vertical scalability or ability of running on multiple and increasing count of machines for faster processing. Also, software systems can perform horizontal scalability.

Every business needs scalability in order to reach out to maximum audience, and a right software system can help them in this process. Therefore, the demand for software engineers is increasing day-by-day. You can try these advanced software engineering which will help you to pursue a career in this ever-green field.


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Security is a prominent issue in today’s world whether it is a business, any public or private organization. Software engineering ensures security with the help of various features. For web or mobile based applications where millions of users have a lot of data, it becomes necessary to protect their data. Various software technologies like authorization and authentication techniques, network attack protection, and data encryption help in securing the customers’ data from cyber attacks. This advanced software engineering course can help you master the different technologies in software security.

Final Thoughts

So, we have discussed the importance of software engineering in current time. Software engineering has already become the backbone of modern human civilization, and it will be continuously providing its benefits to individuals, businesses, and organizations in terms of flexibility, extensibility, maintainability, performance, efficiency, and security.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is software engineering?

Ans: Software engineering is a branch of computer science that deals with development of software applications consisting of user-focused programs including browsers, databases, and applications.

  1. What is the future of software engineering?

Ans: As more and more technologies are emerging, the demand for software engineers is also increasing. It is one of the most in-demand jobs in the last two decades, and will continuously be one of the most demanding careers in the future.

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