A pressurised solar water heater features heat pipes and tubes to perform the function of heating water. The tubes which are evacuated, absorb solar energy and then converts it to heat whereby the energy produced is used in the water heating process.

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Solar water heaters are mainly made as non pressure and pressure models. The pressure model is also called a high-pressure solar heater. In this specific heater, water inside the tank is under high pressure and in that case, it becomes equal or similar to the pressure of water in the tap. The non-pressure heater which is commonly known as low pressure water heater has the water inside the tank under low pressure and in that case, it is equal to the gravity of the water.

A pressurised solar water heater normally has an enclosed heating unit which contains copper tubes which during installation are connected indirectly to the water storage tank. Tanks in this case can be stored under a roof or near the heating unit. It is important to note that there is no direct connection between the water being heated and the heating fluids in the copper tubes in the process of the absorption of solar energy which is converted to heat.

Unlike the non-pressure water heater which has a limited use of modern-day plumbing system where it works under minimum or no pressure, the pressurised solar water heater handles the water even under extremely high pressure. However, they only work well with properly installed water pipes.

Again, some models of the pressurised solar water heater require power to function. This comes with advancements in technology which help make the work easier. The power is used to run the temperature controller and the pump.  This feature makes it more expensive than the low-pressure heater systems.

Most homeowners are advised to pick the pressurised water heater as compared to the non-pressure solar water heaters. This is because the pressurised water heaters ensure a strong and steady flow of hot water which makes it very efficient for basic functions like taking a shower. Non pressure heaters are not capable of maintaining a smooth flow of hot water which makes the water drip.

A non-pressurised heater is simple and does not have moving parts. This makes it lightweight. This means that in order to work properly it needs to be installed at high level above the water outlets and unless that is done the water will come out under very low pressure. In most homesteads it means that the only place to be installed is on the roof and in this case the roof requires additional support. A pressurised water heater is adjustable in that it can be located at the user’s appropriate location.

A pressurised solar water heater is not lightweight. This means that unlike the non-pressure heater it does not break easily. Being of very little weight makes the non-pressure water heat vulnerable. This means that in case a glass tube gets broken, the whole system has to be closed. The pressurised water heater can therefore be said to last longer than the other type of solar heater.

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