Why Vaping is Fast Outgrowing Cigarette Smoking

Vape juice is becoming part of a fast-selling trend as vaping is now becoming more popular than cigarette smoking. Cigarette smoking was once considered to be good for your health however studies are now showing just how bad for your health cigarette smoking is in comparison to vaping.

1. Effects on Health

The chemicals in cigarettes are incredibly damaging in comparison to vape juice as they cause heart and lung problems and can significantly shorten your lifespan.

The tar in cigarettes causes lungs to get very blocked up and causes a shortness of breath for the cigarette smoker. Smoking also causes arteries to become fatty and blocked due to the prolonged use of tobacco and other smoking products. Smoking causes bad breath, teeth to become discoloured and stained and also speeds up the aging process. Smoking causes skin to age quicker and become far more damaged than that of a non-smoker. Luckily by vaping or giving up tobacco smoking, these effects and damages can be reversed.

2. Money

Finding the best vape juice NZ has to offer does not have to break the bank, you can find the tastiest vape juice for incredibly low prices. Vape juice is incredibly cheap when you compare it to the price of cigarettes and consider the fact that vape juice lasts a lot longer and goes a lot further than cigarettes do. The only financial drawback of vaping is the initial expense of purchasing your vape pen itself, the actual refills for it are very economic and don’t cost very much in comparison to smoking. You can buy the best vape juice NZ has to offer and still spend a considerable amount less than you spend on cigarettes regardless of what flavours you pick and choose.

3. Options

When smoking cigarettes your options are very limited and you don’t truly realise this until you try the experience of smoking a vape instead as you then realise just how many different options there are. People that take up vaping realise that they don’t actually miss the taste of a cigarette they miss the hand gesture habit more so. Vape juices come in a wide variety of flavours so that you cannot get bored and you are still satisfying the hand gesture aspect of smoking. If you are struggling with cravings, you can get vape juices that have nicotine in as this is the addictive component of a cigarette. By visiting the site you can know this liquidizer.

4. Habit

Many people realise that the aspect of smoking that they find most addictive is the habit of having something to fiddle with and so vaping can help with this. If a person has the cravings for nicotine, then you can get e cigarettes with nicotine in but if you mainly crave the hand gestures then simple vape juice without nicotine in can satisfy these feelings. Vaping is a much better habit to have as there are far less chemicals involved in vaping compared to cigarettes.

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