Why You Should Defend Your Right to Post Anonymous Content

With the evolution of the internet today, many sites and blogs are giving writers the chance to share their thoughts anonymously. One of these many sites is The Doe, which is very prominent when it comes to anonymous posting.

Each day more than 10000 messages are sent anonymously via emails by internet users!

This means that people are worried about showing their real identity!

Several countries are nowadays allowing people to post their ideas online without the need to uncover their true names. The United States defends the right of its people to post their opinions online without telling who they really are. This right is issued in legalization. In fact, congress assured that any law that might fight freedom of expression in the country shall not pass no matter what happens.

A person might ask: Is posting anonymously a real need in our days? Well, the short and direct answer is Yes.

Anonymity is a real need for writers to protect them and let them post freely.

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It helps a writer to post a text criticizing a topic or service without being afraid of being realized by the real name. If an author is obliged to uncover his/ her name, then readers will never read similar posts.

Therefore we should defend the right to stay anonymous. A person will never feel threatened when saying what they want.

Posting about sensitive issues leads to a debate in the society in a certain country or even globally. In other words, anonymous posting has a huge impact on dialogues. People will be able to talk about many issues such as sexual harassment, racism, sex, and much more. You can see how anonymous posting is important to your society!

Anonymous posting lets an author post his/her notes and comments with fear of bullying or mockery.

A writers’ thoughts might affect society positively in all fields of life. When a person is afraid to post a  comment on certain issues, then society will lose new ideas that might improve people’s life.

An author will feel more honest and comfortable posting anonymously about anything. A person might experience anxiety when it comes to telling others about his/ her ideas. Sometimes a face-to-face conversation may sound hard to some people. In this case, anonymous posting can be the best tool for shy people to share their ideas and thoughts. Hide your identity, but not your thoughts!

As a part of therapy, some doctors tell their patients that it’s good to share their medical cases with other people on some forums. When people post their embarrassing cases anonymously, they will be able to talk to others easily and receive some support. In this case, anonymous posting can be an amazing solution for those who feel shy to talk in public.

Anonymity trains people on the concept of sharing ideas with others and providing some solutions for many problems in modern societies.

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In conclusion, all people should express their ideas. They should talk about any topic without fear. They should provide solutions without being concerned about their safety. Their ideas and solutions will always be important for society. Posting anonymously is an essential need that all members of society should fight for.

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