Why Your Restaurant Needs a Dedicated Storage Unit

Restaurants, no matter how big or small, do whatever they can to maximize their space. However, that can come with some difficulties. There are several options for any venue, but one of the best solutions could be investing in a storage unit. Here’s how having that extra storage space could be just what your restaurant needs to give you the room to grow the business.

Room for Improvements

Storage units can be a useful space for restaurants that are set to undergo renovation and need short-term storage space to get their venue in order. Restaurant financing has become a hot topic amid the COVID-19 pandemic, with the offering of national funding through the Small Business Administration (SBA). This has allowed for the restaurant business to have greater flexibility whether it came to restaurant equipment financing or making sure you cover payroll each week.

New equipment is allowed to be purchase with these types of loans from the SBA or any approved SBA lender. While the guidance on these bank loans was not concrete early on, it was among the early restaurant finance options for venues that found themselves in incredibly difficult circumstances because of COVID-19-related shutdowns. Regardless of loan amounts, equipment or working capital loan is keeping restaurants from falling victim to the pandemic. You can safely keep restaurant equipment in a storage unit while you do any work to a new restaurant or current space. With round-the-clock surveillance and security gates, you can have peace of mind knowing you can access this self-storage unit at any time, while it remains under proper protection.

Seasonal Storage

You’re probably wondering, “Are there are any cheap storage units near me?” And the answer would be yes! There are more storage facility options than ever before for new or existing restaurants to use. A restaurant owner may have found themselves using part of an SBA loan to set up outdoor dining areas as COVID-19 restrictions loosened in their area, but come wintertime, there was the downside of customers not wanting to sit in the cold. Restaurant funding can be directed towards the right amount of storage space to be able to rotate what comes in and out with each season.

A storage unit could be a good idea to keep those tables and seats safe until the weather warms up again. With 24-hour access, you can even send an employee to that self-storage unit at a moment’s notice to accommodate more seating. It’s also a great option to have for additional kitchen provisions. For example, some bars and restaurants adopt an outdoor grilling menu during the summer, but may not have a place to keep the barbecue during the colder months. With self-storage prices coming at variable rates and sizes, it’s important to research what storage units allowed to be accommodated. Some storage facilities may offer discounts on certain storage options, or even the first month free to welcome you into the facility.

More Than Storing Equipment

Believe it or not, some climate-control units are actually designed to install refrigerators and hold some food inventory for restaurants. This allows venues easy access to their groceries or other perishables when they need it, especially when they are short on space in the kitchen or elsewhere in the restaurant. These storage units must be properly maintained, with constant cleaning regimens to avoid the accrual of mildew or mold for an indoor unit.

Be sure in your research to make clear that this may be something your restaurant would like to do. Storage facilities come with a wide array of capabilities including vehicle storage for your restaurant’s delivery service. Consider your self-storage needs before committing to a contract on a storage space that will go underutilized.

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