Wireless Mouse Recommendation

As one of the main accessories of the computer, the status of the mouse can be imagined. Many consumers choose them as accessories for their computers because they are easy to carry. The connection mode of wireless mouse has become more complicated and diversified. They include the early mechanical roller to the mainstream photoelectric mouse and high-end laser mouse in the current market. 

Although the choice of consumers seems to be more extensive, it adds more difficulties to consumers in choosing products. There are various marketing activities on the market. This confuses consumers. It makes reasonable choices more difficult to implement. This article combines the more common wireless mouse in the market. After making a general understanding of it, it gives the following evaluation contents. 

Logitech M220 Silent 

This mouse is more suitable for office use and belongs to mute mouse. On the whole, the mouse is small and suitable for small and medium hands. It uses a dry battery for power supply. Its endurance is not bad. For the game, it is not suitable. Its rate of return has not yet met the needs of the game. But for daily office, it is suitable for use. The price is appropriate. 

Razer Basilisk X Extreme Edition 

This mouse includes two usage scenarios of office and game. It supports wireless Bluetooth dual mode and has better stability. It belongs to the right-hand ergonomic design game mouse. It is equipped with medium and high-end sensors. Its performance is quite good. However, the evaluation feedback shows that its quality control is not good and its price is high. It should be carefully selected. 

HONOR Bluetooth Mouse 

This one can be understood by its name as belonging to the category of Bluetooth mouse. That is, the computer is connected to its Bluetooth, so the first premise of the computer is to be equipped with Bluetooth function. It uses an infrared sensor and a 5AA battery. There is no need to worry about its endurance. In addition, its Bluetooth signal transmission is quite good, and it can stably transmit and connect information to achieve a state without delay. The cost performance ratio is relatively high and is worth purchasing. 

Apple Magic Mouse Series 

Products owned by Apple are more suitable for Apple users. Its exterior design is flat, with a sense of fashion. It is more suitable for girls with small hands. Fluency and other related performance aspects are also good. Its price is also the same as that of Apple series products, which is relatively high. On the whole, the cost performance is not very high, and it is not recommended. 

The above are some recommendations about wireless mice, and you can choose one.