Workplace Wellness: Boosting Employee Productivity and Morale

The employees in modern organizations mostly fall into the millennial and generation Z age groups. By 2025, it is projected that millennials will comprise about 75% of the world’s total workforce.

These age groups have different perspectives and attitudes toward work-life balance. On the other hand, the growing cutthroat competition in the market as well as matters of personal life are driving stress levels in individuals.

In recent years, running regular employee wellness programs has become an ideal way of driving employee morale across global organizations. It is important to let employees know that the company cares about their mental and physical well-being.

At times of tense or challenging situations, a mindset strengthened with wellness practices can act as a major support system. Availing of workplace wellness programs can improve employees’ attitudes toward work and personal matters. In today’s time, wellness programs initiative is one of the essential factors in workplace transformation

What are the Most Popular Workplace Wellness Programs?

When it comes to practicing and adopting a wellness lifestyle, there can be numerous options to choose from. Modern organizations, with the consideration of mental, physical, and other requirements (such as financial) of their employees plan programs that are helpful to each and every workforce member. 

Organizations that have adopted workplace wellness programs have been gaining recognition and applauded on popular social media (such as Linkedin and Instagram) and news & blogging platforms as well. Below are some of the most popular workplace wellness programs in recent years.

Onsite Fitness Center: Due to busy work and personal life, many employees find it hard to make time for going to the gym before and after office hours. For providing such individuals with an opportunity to work on their physical fitness, several corporations have established fitness centers on the premises. 

During their free time or to free up their minds, employees can go to the office gym. This initiative is also beneficial for promoting employee bonding in a unique way.  Companies such as General Mills, Meta, Verizon, Honeywell, Weebly, Reebok, and Apple, are known to have such onsite fitness centers.

Workshops on De-addiction: Several individuals take the route of smoking, alcohol, and other drugs and substance abuse. What starts as a hobby or occasional thing, often ends up becoming a regular habit. This can end up causing so many issues in individuals’ personal and work life without them realizing it. 

For such employees, through supporting sessions and finding a way out of addiction, global companies have started arranging smoking cessation and nicotine de-addiction workshops. These programs or workshop sessions can be availed at the premise or online as per the comfort of participants.

Mental Health Management Classes: Mental health is an active point of discussion worldwide these days. We are past the times when it was considered an uncomfortable discussion topic in a group setting. Taking the cues from the impact of mental health disorders on employees’ well-being, globally, organizations have begun arranging mental health management programs for their employees.

Not only do such programs help employees better acknowledge their mental health disorders but also aid them in practicing emotional and mental wellness through constructive ways. Several online and offline platforms focused on broad to niche areas of mental well-being exist across the globe. They are aiding today’s corporations with innovative courses to improve employees’ mental health management. 

Yoga Sessions: Yoga is a popular physical and mental health management technique followed by individuals all over the world. Corporations are also keenly partaking in promoting yoga among employees by arranging special sessions or courses on the premise, outstations, or on online platforms. 

Companies are taking advantage of emerging corporate yoga programs to encourage wellness practices. They include activities such as meditation, physical movements, and breathing exercises, among others.

Paramedical Services: Physiotherapy, massage, clinical counseling, chiropractor services, speech therapy, and other such services are covered in paramedical services. They are often opted for by young ones and aging adults these days to ease the tensed body parts. 

Although paramedic services do not fall under healthcare services, many companies, nowadays, have started incorporating paramedic services at their premises. Also, the employees who take services from private providers are getting a reimbursement under extended healthcare benefits programs.

Wellness & Adventure Challenges: Some companies are arranging wellness and adventure challenges for their employees with the help of innovative fitness app solutions. Those who complete their set challenges and/or goals are getting acknowledged with a rewards system. This is effective in driving up the participation of employees.

Programs like marathons, walkathons, step completion, physical exercise or adventure challenge, and sports competitions are arranged to promote physical and mental wellness. Such activities with regular basis arrangements also help in building strong teams and collaboration while promoting wellness within employees. Thus, enabling organizations to derive several benefits with improved collaboration among employees.

Boost Employee Wellness, Productivity, and Morale through Awards and Recognition

Rewarding employees with crystal trophies for their hard work and dedication is an effective strategy for promoting employee wellness. Acknowledging accomplishments and well-being. Prioritizing employee wellness leads to a happier and more productive workforce.

The Bottom Line

Understanding the needs of today’s time, several workplace wellness program providers are emerging with creative offerings in the market. With the use of online and offline mediums, they are offering clients budget-friendly and flexible programs, which are focused on promoting employee participation to boost their morale.

Furthermore, the adoption of different workplace wellness initiatives is growing to support employees in balancing their lives. They are also enabling organizations to derive advantages such as improved productivity, better collaboration, higher retention, and dedication towards work. 

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