Yes WORLD has reached a milestone of 100k

Singapore, December 23, 2022 – The blockchain-based environmental technology startup Yes World Token has accomplished a significant milestone by reaching 100,000 holders. Yes World Climate Tech Pte Ltd is the owner of the business. People all across the world who are interested in cryptocurrencies are starting to pay a lot of attention to the Yes World coin. Over the course of the previous two months, there has been a rise in holdings that is greater than twice as high.

The most widely used utility token is seeing an increase in both its price and the amount of transactions it facilitates. During the most recent trading session, it also touched new highs that are all-time records. According to the data provided by CoinMarketCap, the value of one Yes World Token has climbed by more than 35 percent over the course of the last three months. Based on this chart, it appears that this pattern will most likely be prevalent for the foreseeable future.

Additionally, during the previous week at Yes World, there were 1.5 million transactions that were logged. This demonstrates that the utility token is utilized on a regular basis by tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of individuals.

The utility services provided by Yes World are now accessible in more than 80 different nations as of a few weeks ago. As a result of the addition of 100,000 holders, it is evident that people favor cryptocurrencies that focus on providing some sort of benefit. This is proven by the fact that there has been an increase in the market. Users are able to make conventional purchases at retail establishments using their Yes World tokens, which may be done through the utility site that is a component of Yes World.

The Yes World Token may be purchased via the point-of-sale terminals found in retail outlets. When using the token to make a payment at the register, a barcode will need to be scanned. The Yes World token may be used at a wide variety of vending machines located in a variety of countries.

The Yes World token, which had its preliminary release in the spring of 2022, has now been given its formal debut. It trades on a number of important centralized exchanges, including PancakeSwap,, and, among others.

The Yes World Token is managed by Yes World Climate Tech Pte Ltd, which is a Singaporean company. The city-state of Singapore is home to the company’s main office. It accomplishes this by utilizing blockchain technology to cut down on carbon footprints. Yes World, the organization in charge of the Save Earth program, makes use of the cryptocurrency known as YES. It was developed with the intention of drawing people’s attention to the issue of climate change as well as encouraging them to participate in the effort.

An environmentalist and activist, Sandeep Choudhary works with Save Earth. His objective is to raise more people’s consciousness about issues related to climate change and global warming. This is the problem that Yes World hopes to solve. Dr. Choudhary, who serves as the leader of Yes World, has guided the company toward an admirable goal: lowering its overall carbon impact.

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