Your Little Daughter Will Be… Puzzled by These Special Barbie Games!

If you have a little daughter, around the age of 3 or 4, she has most certainly already heard of the most famous doll in the world. However, in order to make things even more interesting & prepare her for the more complicated Barbie games online, with increasingly higher levels of difficulty, you should teach her to solve puzzles online. Of course, they should feature images with one of the most famous female characters of all time (even if we’re talking only about a fictional one). Read further to find out our proposals, as well as where to find them. has over 1.665 Barbie games available to play online, on your smartphone, PC, or laptop. Some of them are puzzles, as you’ll see below, a type of activity recommended for all ages, but especially for children since they stimulate their attention, thinking, overview, and ability to solve problems, of course, at their intellectual level. Furthermore, they will make them patient, which is a very important virtue, especially at such a young age. Without further ado, here are our choices, together with the vote percentage & number of plays:

1. Barbie Puzzle Set – 100% likes, 1.439 plays 

This is one of the easiest Barbie games to play: all you have to do (or your daughter, in this case) is to use the mouse & recreate some of the most beautiful images with the famous doll, with all her friends & pets; 

2. Barbie Princess Puzzle – 100% likes, 2.847 plays 

Barbie is a true princess and so is your daughter! In this game, she’ll have to put the pieces together, both literally and figuratively, in order for some of the greatest images of princesses to appear on the screen; 

3. Barbie Puzzle 3 – 100% likes, 1.165 plays

The guys at describe this title as “the perfect puzzle mission for you”. It’s very suitable for little girls since it’s not difficult but very fun. So why wait? Start playing it now! 

4. Puzzle Room Decor – 100% likes, 2.147 plays 

This is one of those Barbie games that also feature other famous fictional characters for children, such as Dora the Explorer, Hello Kitty, and so on. Depending on your luck, you’ll get different images along the way;

5. Toy Story Puzzle – 100% likes, 1.872 plays 

Although judging by the name, this game doesn’t seem to have anything to do with Barbie, you & your daughter will be surprised, as the beloved doll is making a special appearance among the puzzle pieces;

6. Barbie Puzzle Collections – 100% likes, 957 plays

Last but not least, BPC are special Barbie games where the player has to choose between different images & recreate them. From our point of view, this is one of the most complex choices you could make, in terms of diversity & level of difficulty.

Besides these games, the above-mentioned website also features the following categories: My Little Pony, Sofia the First, Frozen, Minecraft, Masha and the Bear, Wow Wow Wubbzy, Beyblade, and Friday Night Funkin games, etc.

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