Our eyes are a window to our soul, and they say people can talk with their eyes open and lips closed. Cosmetic surgeries have become very common in the past decade and getting a blepharoplasty can help in the restoration of eyes freshness and youth. So, if you are someone who looks tired, but is not actually tired, this surgery can be your lifesaver.

Why choosing the best plastic surgeon for blepharoplasty is important?

This surgery is not only about having knowledge of the facial structure or aesthetic detailing but also about the expertise for adjusting surgical techniques according to each patient and delivering results that look very natural with minimal scarring. The results of the surgery should match the patient’s age and facial features. So, it is very important that you choose the best plastic surgeon for blepharoplasty in Mumbai. Dr. Siddharth Prakash is a very popular and expert cosmetic and plastic surgeon. He works at Mumbai’s Lilavati Hospital. He is a proud graduate of Mumbai’s KEM Hospital and Boston’s Harvard’s Medical School.

Why should you opt for this surgery?

Our eyes have the most delicate and thinnest skin and are the first ones to exhibit the signs of aging.  Aging effects on the eyelids can make the person look much older than their age and make them look droopy, and sometimes sad or tired while even when the person feels the opposite.

So, blepharoplasty can easily counteract these problems and correct these problems. The results of the surgery can enhance the look of eyes very much and the patients feel livelier and more confident about their physical appearance. Apart from cosmetic reasons, double eyelids can affect your eyesight as well, and getting an eyelid surgery becomes very important in such cases.

What is blepharoplasty?

The surgery helps in the restoration of eyes to more natural younger and refreshed looks. The surgery plan is very specific for each patient and can resolve various issues like sagging and wrinkled skin. It also reduces puffiness and other aging signs in the eyes.

This surgery is very technical, and the technique depends on your anatomy and the results you need. Some patients only need surgery for upper eyelids or lower eyelid and sometimes both.

Upper eyelid surgery is done when the eyelids don’t have contouring and conceal your eyelashes. This might be due to sagging and wrinkles and can be corrected by the removal of excess fat and skin by restoring the natural shape of eyelids. The eyes look more open and fresher.

Lower lid surgery is done when a patient has clinical eyebags and puffy eyes making them look tired and sleepy even when they have slept well. Fat cells herniate and accumulate under the eyes and get more prominent with age as the skin cells lose their elasticity. Puffy eyes don’t only appear in older patients but can also be present in the 20s and can be an inherited issue.

So lower eyelid surgery can help you get rid of eye bags and dark under the eyes giving you a beautiful eye shape and contours.

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